Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

As I own a bookshop I thought I really should attempt some Austen. I've attempted twice before and got to page 3 or 4. It really isn't my bag baby. Not to be deterred I chose Pride and Prejudice out of the dozens of other free e-books available on the Aldiko modile e-reader.

The one massive surprise is that I really liked it, loads. You know the story; woman hates man, man hates woman, man likes woman, woman still hates man, woman likes man, the end. I thought I'd get distracted by the way Austen constructs her dialogue, as it's over 200 years old (published on 28th January 1813) and at first I felt like packing it all in on page 4 but stuck with it and by the end of chapter 2, I wanted more. I was drawn into their world easily and often daydreamed about heading off to one of the Bennet's balls in my fine clothes to hang out with the girls and gals. Elizabeth is a striking character and no doubt put a few noses out of joint when it was published. Balshy, ballsy and opinionated, a complete contrast from the way woman of the time were viewed and 'should' have acted. It was her strong character that kept me turning the page. All of the periphery characters have such strong personalities too, my favourite being Lizzy's mum, Mrs Bennet, who reminded me of my own mum! Fussy, obstinate, overly loving and a general pain in the bum! Extra mention for her dad too, what a cool cat.

I have given Pride and Prejudice a very healthy 7 cushions on the comfometer. In time I'll head into Austen-world (idea-Themepark!) again. Any suggestions which to tackle will be appreciated.

Alongside P & P I've been reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and been enjoying it very much. I seem to have been reading two books for a while so may concentrate fully on this one before adding another classic via the Aldiko reader to my roster.

We have a copy of Pride and Prejudice in the shop. It's the TV-tie in version. Click here