Wednesday, 20 February 2013

HMV closes in Nuneaton

It's been living on the edge for years and now it's finally tipped over. HMV in Nuneaton is no more. The local Newspaper has just put out a short story to say it'll be gone. It's not a surprise but I have mixed feelings about it. Firstly, it was the only place in town to get new CD's & DVD's but then again I haven't bought one from there for over a year, the Internet has killed it for me. My musical life partner Jonathan has written a great little bit about it all himself and I agree 100% with him. Have a read HERE.

As for books, well, it never stocked many and those that it did were no cheaper than Waterstones. Hopefully one reason why my shop will flourish! Let's hope the space left behind by HMV will not be taken up by the 98 pence store. I'm unsure if the demise of HMV will benefit me in any way as I won't be selling DVD's or CD's (bar local musicians), but at the least, if someone likes to go into shops to browse, they have an option of TBCB.

Will there be a resurgence in our town centre? or any similar town any time soon? I guess that's why this whole bookshop thing came about. People moan (rightly so) that it's dying out there yet no one is willing to do anything about it. I am hoping that they all flock to the shop once opened.

Talking about the shop, today I received a letter from the solicitors inviting me in to see and sign (hopefully) the lease, 10 minutes later I get a call from the estate agents asking when they can do some work on the place before I start! Not long now (I'm still not counting chickens though).

Well this blog has been pretty eratic.