Big Comfy Folk Club

Folk and Acoustic gigs the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.
£5 ticket (unless stated) or membership of £25 for the year which gets you into the gigs for £2. If you're interested in membership please pop in to see me or email Tickets available direct from the shop or online at the links provided.
Doors open at 7pm with music starting at 8pm unless stated.
If you'd like to play at the bookshop, please see HERE.

18th: Kelly Oliver, Richard Walters, Philip Murray Warson. Tickets | Facebook


1st: Sam Kelly (duo), Tracey Browne, Ben P Williams. £8. Tickets | Facebook

6th: Special Folk Club Gig: Blue Rose Code, Kenneth J Nash. £12.50. Tickets | Facebook

15th: Edd Donovan, Benita Johnson, Jan Richardson Tickets | Facebook


6th: The Willows, Sharon Lewis, Jack Hopkinson. £10. Tickets | Facebook

20th: Hattie Briggs, Gareth Lee & Annie Baylis, Paris Georgia. £5. Tickets | Facebook

Past Performers at the Big Comfy Folk Club 
It's been a pleasure to welcome these fantastic acts. 
Boo Hewerdine, Wes Finch, Tinderbox, Amy J, Jake Melles, Gareth Lee & Annie Baylis, The Black Feathers, Jinder, Speak,Brother, Samantha Whates, Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, Dan Wilde, Kathryn Williams, Mark Morriss, Adam Barnes, Anna Pancaldi, Emma McGann, Shannon Lock, Gitta de Ridder, Siv Jakobsen, Katie McAuley, Jack Hopkinson, Taylor-Louise, Hannah Woof, Chris Ayre, Lucy Anne Sale, Harry Harris, Stylusboy, Dan Hartland, Barricades Rise, David Sanders, Artpackt, Circe's Diner, Mark Harrison, Adrian Roye, Steve Pledger, Ange Hardy, Stevie Jones, Daria Kulesh, Roxanne de Bastion, Jess Vincent, Jess Morgan, Paul McClure, Kristy Gallcher, Matt Creer, Suzy Indygo, Emi McDade, Kirsty Bromley, Matt Lakey, Cliff Hands, Danni Nicholls, Luke Whittemore, Adam Wedd, Kat Healy, Little Sparrow, Matthew The Oxx, Minnie Birch, Jack Blackman, Little Bird, Louise Petit, Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies, Mister Keith, The Pips, Fuzzy Jones, Mike Wyatt.

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