Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Meeting you lot

Since the last blog I've been out and about meeting some people who have and will contribute to the shop in some way. On Saturday I ventured into Nuneaton to the Craft fair in Nuneaton United Reformed Church to meet Emily Osborne. Emily has recently founded her own craft company called Cotton Cat UK and makes all kinds of wonderful items from bunting to pens, to bags to coasters.

My coasters purchased from Cotton Cat last October
In fact that's how I came across her. In October last year I wandered around the monthly craft fair and purchased a few coasters of hers. As well as Emily, a few members of her family and friends create stuff and sell them through Cotton Cat. I urge you to check them out on Facebook and on Folksy. Her designs will be available to buy direct from The Big Comfy Bookshop once we are open! We are always looking for local crafty people to house their wares so if you create or know someone who does then get in touch via email.

Emily Osborne and her Cotton Cat UK stall at the craft fair
Secondly I've just returned from up the road, quite literally. I received a wonderful note handwritten and hand delivered through my door on Sunday signed from Earl and Dee who offered me a few of their books. "Who are Earl and Dee!?" I wondered. Well, they live 6 doors away! The note really made me reaffirm that there are hundreds or thousands of people in this town who are screaming out for a nice bookshop cafe. That's the hope anyway! Many thanks to Dee and Earl (and Jack the dog).

Finally a few weeks ago I returned to North Warwickshire & Hinckley College to see how the students are fairing on the interior design of the shop. I was astonished at how professional a lot of the work was and already it has changed my minds on certain things. I will see the final designs from them in about 3 weeks.

The lease is still in the solicitors hands so I am playing the waiting game.

Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have some news about the shop.


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  1. Hiya, Emily here! Just thought I'd mention, I also know Dee & Earl. Dee used to run the Busy Bees Playschool - thus working along side my mother :)
    I think this just reinforces the community spirit that will help make The Big Comfy Bookshop a real success in our little town!