Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Reading habits

People differ in the way they read. Some devour a book in one go in an evening, some take 3 months. I usually take about a fortnight to get through a book. Or I did last year. This year I had the joy of becoming a dad for the first time, on January 2nd. This obviously hampered my reading time, but I wasn't that bothered. Son Vs books, Son will win each time. But now he is almost 1 I've found that I'm still not picking up a book as often as I used to. I think I've only read 8 or 9 books this year.

I used to read in my half hour dinner in my previous job, then in bed before I go to sleep. Obviously now I've left my job to work on the shop this time has disappeared but in the evening I'm finding I either fall asleep within minutes or I spend half hour on twitter.

I'm trying to relearn a routine. I'm in love with books and need to show them a bit more time.

I've just started reading The Help and so far I'm really loving it. I'm going to aim to finish it before Christmas.