Saturday, 29 December 2012

Aftermath of Christmas

First off, Merry Christmas! Yes, yes it's late, but I've been busy.
Today I sent off a load of paperwork (and cheques) for the shop. If all goes well I should hear in a few weeks.
2012 started with such chaos for me as my son was born on the 2nd January. I had no idea what this year would bring me. On the first of January I had no son, a boring desk job and played in an unsigned acoustic duo. Now, 12 months later my son is almost 1, my band Barricades Rise (@barricadesrise) got signed to one of the biggest Indie labels in the USA and my shop has become a reality, albeit awaiting paperwork. Wow!

I have taken my foot off the gas in regards to adding books to the website purely due to Christmas. Now it's out the way I'll be firmly flooring it.

Surprisingly I only received 4 books for Christmas. 3 cookbooks (all Jamie Oliver) and one fantastic present out of the blue from Rob Bridge at Redwood photography (@redwoodphotos). Rob took some great shots of Barricades Rise 18 months ago and of my wife, son and I this year and we've kept in touch. I received a wonderful book 'The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book' by Dee Blick. Today I started to peruse it and soon was gripped. Thank you so much for this!

I wrote something small for the Bookshop Blog also. I started reading this website 2 years ago and I love it. Please take a few minutes to browse it.

So that's that then. I'd love to hear what was your favourite read of 2012 so tweet or Facebook me.