Saturday, 27 April 2013

I've just come back from the Nuneaton Spring fair

I have just come back from holding my second stall, this time at Nuneaton URC for a spring fair. Unfortunately the rain put paid to a lot of visitors, so much so that I ended up reading The Tales of Beedle The Bard from cover to cover!

I made a few sales but it was all a little deflating, hopefully the next stall we have at Earsldon Festival will prove a hit. Although I didn't sell much, nearly everyone that I spoke to has said they love the idea of the shop and this time I had my business cards at hand.
The stall(s), early morning. I got 2 tables!
One thing I need to look at is the layout and actual books on show. I took more or less the same books to this fair than the last, with a few new additions. I stacked them, fanned them and made them look pretty but I'm thinking I may need to have less books, concentrating on just a few genres rather than as many as possible. It's a learning curve.

Are there any specific genres that you'd like to see on the stall at all? The more input from you, the better!
Finally, I've just come across a great new bookshop start up in local Kenilworth called the Tree House Bookshop. Go and view them HERE