Thursday, 16 January 2014

My Book Quest 2014

My task in 2013 was to read one book a week. I failed quite spectacularly, I didn't even manage 1 book a fortnight. All in all I read 22 books last year. I started off OK, devouring the massive Time Travelers Wife, and I kept it up for a while, then life just took over round about April. I struggled with The Great Gatsby and even the great Hunger Games took a while to consume. Anyway, that was then and this is now.

I have the same agenda, but tweaked it a little bit. Once more I will be aiming for 52 books (at least) read in the year. I'm taking my own advice (from this post) by turning off my phone at night and also having more books dotted around the house. Instead of just setting the standard 52 book rule, I'm also naming specifics.
Here's a list of books on my Book Quest 2014.

The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
2 huge classic tomes a la Middlemarch/Don Quixote
The ENTIRE Ian Rankin or Lee Childs novels
All the books I've bought but never read

I'll also be sticking in my book club books (join here!). Now this is quite a task and adding up all these books it will take me over the 52 book mark. I am also yet to decide on the classics to read, suggestions taken.

There will be pitfalls. This year I will be opening the shop (Hooray!) so my time will be used up considerably. Also, my child is 2. That's all I need to say. 

It's got off to a slow start I'll admit. It's now January 16th and I've read 2 books, one of which I started early December. Sure it's on track but I wanted to get an early head start to compensate for later in the year. All books will be reviewed on the blog and kept on the review page. I update twitter with my current reads and thoughts so follow @bigcomfybooks to get up to the minute, blow by blow action on reading. Also like on Facebook.

If you have set yourself a target for the year then please share it with me!
Finally, browse the online shop

Wish me luck, and a (belated) Happy New Year to you all.