Thursday, 5 September 2013

Books on TV, 50 Shades and more Salinger - Book News!

Since the Book Show on Sky was cancelled earlier this year (RIP) there is not one TV show on air dedicated to books. To me this is a travesty. The beauty of the Book Show was that we not only got to know about what new books were out but what went into the writing, getting to know the author, presented skillfully by Mariella Frostrup. I loved seeing snippets of authors homes and how they work, classics revisited and the end of show questions. I'm sad. But now there is a new book show appearing on TV.
Not so much a review show but a book club similar to 'Richard and Judy's' and 'The TV Book Club' that appeared a few years back (meh). This new show is based around crime thrillers.
It's produced by Amanda Ross, who also produced The TV Book Club as well as Richard and Judy's. If it runs along the same lines then we'll get a few celebrities to read that weeks book and then spend half an hour dissecting it. Top crime authors have been confirmed to appearing such as Martina Cole and Harlan Coben. I champion the fact we have books returning to TV, albeit for a short time.

The Crime Thriller Book Club starts on ITV3 on September 16th and runs til 24th October where the channels Crime Thriller Awards will take place.

If I say 50 Shades to you I'd hazard a guess you know what I am talking about. This Goliath of a book trilogy by newcomer E.L.James comprising 50 Shades of Grey, 50 Shades Darker and 50 Shades Freed will be turned into a film (no doubt the trilogy) and the question on everybody's lips is who will play Christian and Anastasia?
Well stop those rumours as the pair have been confirmed as Byker Grove alumni Charlie Hunnam and daughter of Melanie Griffith, Dakota Johnson.
After scouring the net it's quite clear the 50 Shades fans seem a little underwhelmed, but only time will tell if they create cinematic steam. The film will be released in August 2014 and make a billion dollars on day one and create stars of the duo.

Finally J.D.Salinger, who's one and only novel The Catcher In The Rye became an American classic is to posthumously release a series of other novels. Five to be exact. Some of these will be based on the anti-hero from Catcher, Holden Caulfield. Another is based around Salingers brief and rocky marriage to Sylvia, with others rumoured to be based on his experiences in WWII. These 5 books will be released from 2015-20. In the meantime a new documentary focusing on the mystery surrounding Salinger is out soon.

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