Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Big Comfy Bookclub - Now Online!

I've decided to start a bookclub! Instead of waiting (and waiting) to find a premises, I have opened up the club online! I have started it on Facebook and already it has 37 members!

Each month I will choose 7 books that I think will be a good read, then we vote to see which one we'll all read. We'll then have a month to read the book and afterwards have a wee chat about it, probably on Facebook but there might be a better way. It's early days yet!

The first book has already been voted for by the club and we've gone for GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn. If you fancy joining the bookclub simply click HERE and add yourself! Grab a copy now as we have until June 14/15 til the next book is chosen. It'd be nice to buy a copy from a little independent bookshop, but don't feel too guilty if you don't have access to one. It's all about reading together and having a chat, getting to know each other.
My book with my cat
It has been easiest to start it on Facebook as most people have a Facebook account, but if you're not on there then the next time a book is up for choosing, I'll add a wee blog and you can comment below.

Happy reading!


PS I'll be hosting the massive Nuneaton book and craft fair Aug 31st! More later!