Thursday, 7 March 2013

White Fang by Jack London

After finishing Pride and Prejudice on the Aldiko e-reader I decided to just read one book at a time, that book being The Hunger Games, however, once I was sat with my son fast asleep on me I only had my phone with me so I decided to read the only other book that was already on the e-reader, that of White Fang. Those that read the blog will know I fell in love with Call of the Wild by Jack London so I was really excited to start reading.

I was not impressed. From the start I couldn't connect with any of the characters (I know, they are animals, but they each have their own personality, something that shone in Call of the Wild). I really couldn't care less about any of the wolves, the people or, as was described so well in Call of the Wild, the landscape.

It was written as a mirror image companion piece for Call of the Wild, with that book going from the safe, mundane, tame environment of a house, through to gradually being pulled to the wild. White Fang reversed this with the vicious wolf going from the wild, through to ownership, through to a house pet. There were a few good moments in, my favourite being the snivelling dog-napper Beaty Smith and his fighting dogs, but for the majority is was a chore to read.

It's given a pretty harsh 5 cushions.

I've started The Great Gatsby now on the Aldiko and I'm half way through.

Let me know if you agree.