Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger

Waterstones Vintage Modern Classics Edition. Plus Wine. Nice
So it took just over 2 weeks to work my way through this 500+ page story, at the same time reading Treasure Island. It took me a few pages to fully get to grips with the time travel aspect as I was not really sure why Henry was time travelling in the first place. It became clear though that this was pretty much central to the story, forever asking himself 'Why?'

There are two central characters. Henry the time traveller, and Clare, the wife of the title. The book questions the idea of free will from the get go and the acceptance of others. One thing I found pretty bizarre was the fact that although Henry had been time travelling since he was a boy, the number of folks that knew about it and those that ended up knowing about it grew, yet there was no real questioning from them, just simple acceptance. I went with the idea and, although the ending was pretty obvious, it was tense and overall a success. It could have cut a bit of the fat off and finished 50 pages earlier however, I would recommend it. A lovely 6.5 cushions on the Comfometer. Tied with 'The Help'

After Treasure Island, which I'm loving by the way, I'll be tackling the Hunger Games Trilogy. I LOVED the film so I'm apprehensive but I'm assured it will "blow me away", just like the 80mph wind today. Jeez.

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